Y4 – Day 8 – Variety

I have found that when there is variety, I get better results. Some like to stick to a plan or a formula, but I think difference and contrast matters to keep it all interesting and energized.

Take food for instance, it is healthier to eat an assortment of fruits and vegetables in various colors.

And what would the world be like without a medley of music, art, texture, people and all else?

Groups solve problems and work exquisitely when they are heterogeneous not homogenous. So do parties.

And every home is different because we are all unique. It is the variety within the house well lived in that exhibits personality, not the model homes. Stylists deftly create the sense of welcome and warmth when they stage a home.

Welcome variety, mixtures and diversity for it is in these realms you will flow with transformation, the very movement of life.


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