Y4 – Day 33 – Putting Pen/Brush to….

It’s been tough to keep up with the writing while I am so involved with everyday life and now, my new/old/revived passion of painting, decorating and organizing it all. I must say that all the political pundit talking and debates and sports helps me feel like painting, right in front of the television, so there is a drop cloth in the den and paint cans, jars, projects in progress and art paraphernalia strewn around and you have to walk pretty carefully to get to the couch or back door.

When I write, I have papers, pens, books and possible ideas scribbled on pieces of paper all over the place, and under and behind me. But heck, my hands are strained from holding paint brushes ( I can hardly hold a saucepan or pot anymore) and my neck hurts from painting in awkward positions, so I guess I have no other choice but to tap, tap, tap away on my laptop and for some reason, holding a pen to my journal doesn’t hurt either.


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