Y4 – Day 34 – Mountain Vignette

I love the look of rustic with modern or traditional with rugged textures, industrial chic mixed in with classic curves, or retro farmhouse with contemporary slick colors. It is curious what will catch your eye and how we all feel differently about beauty. It is unique to bring yourself into your environment. I especially felt validated when I saw the frames inside the frames on the raw hewed wooden vertical log siding. I had wanted to use bare frames of different sizes and colors on a partial wall and I am even more determined to accomplish that. Notice the cute galvanized bucket hanging from the back handlebars of this two seater. The ironwork is painted a pure white and contrasts starkly like snow against the natural, dark wooded cabin.

IMG_0690At the same cute spot filled with themed, 1910-1920 style cabins among landscaped vignettes up in Skyforest, (wherein we ate scrumptious pizza at Lou and Eddie’s), I saw this sign outside on the patio and had to share it. C’mon, it is hysterical!!


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