Y4 – Day 303 – Positive Self-Imaging Part 3

If you are dying to do something: if you have a passion, a hobby or a dream – write, meditate and pray on it. The answers will come.

For so many years I have dreamt, educated myself, marinated and desired to believe in myself. I have worked hard to get to this place.

And now, it’s here. I am laser focused on reaching my goals by harnessing the potential I now own and recognize as mine. Like in The Wizard of Oz, it was always in me.

In just the last ten days. I have been derailed by family, floods, leaks, time constraints, miscommunication and medical emergencies Yet, I choose to find the miracle and the silver lining. I adjusted my attitude.

I am worthy of this new woman I call myself. And, YOU are worthy, no matter how far down the scale of priority you have put yourself on. You ARE essential. You can seek to better yourself in the coming year. You can continue to evolve or dig yourself out of the proverbial hole.

 I know you want to continue the journey to your best self. I believe in you. If I can do it, anyone can.

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