Y4 – Day 304 – Positive Self-Imaging Part 4

“In her book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, Dr Clarissa Pinkolas Estes assures us that the wild woman in us is unleashed only after she has survived many trials. Beware, she warns, once a woman has found her inner nature. She is unstoppable.

That is me. That is, you. You have fire, earthiness, watery emotions, insight, intuition, innate wisdom and a deep sense of tribe. I know that about you if you are a woman seeking self-actualization.

The better you feel about yourself, the better the world looks and the more you attract the best people into your life. It gives you confidence to follow through on your passions and pursue them in earnest.

This year is your year and you are going to re-ignite your zeal.  We improve, grow and become wiser, every year, when we are on this path.

The Universe is on your side; the time is now and we are motivated and driven!

I am worthy. I do deserve to be accomplished and a success in my chosen field using my talents!




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