Y4 – Day 282 – Dots

It’s the dots. Every interconnected incident in my life has taught me that I just need to connect the dots. I could totally ignore the dots and complain all day long, “Woe is me”. But I loved and still love to connect the dots. It is irresistible. And, when I connect the dots, I see finer, I hear clearer and I understand better.

The Universe, the angels, the Goddess are talking to me. They show me several paths, they guide me with hints along the way like crumbs for Hansel, only they are dots.

I have choices now. Depending on how alert I am to the dot connection, how willing I am to draw the line from one to two to three dots and form a picture, is how I decide to choose how I live.

If one scenario doesn’t work out, you can change your mind again. Not too much is etched in stone yet we make it seem as it is, stomping our feet if our first option doesn’t pan out. And, consider it’s not supposed to work out because a much more desirable outcome awaits you. Or, what you gain by the experience is well worth it because it will bring you to a new place of comprehension.

Yet, the cause and effect of our choices ripples out to others, like the scientific conclusion that butterfly wings fluttering in the Amazon affect the wind system. If our choices have consequences that affect others, then it is wise to choose them with discernment.

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