Y4 – Day 281 – Observations from the Streambed

I step lightly and barefoot along the pebbles of the river stream. With glee I watch, listen and touch the gemstones glistening, wet and wild, every color of the rainbow. I also notice the trials, tribulations, the jagged edges of rocks. I pay attention to slippery, mossy, tricky stones. I am wary of the currents. I look out for wild animals. I try to avoid being bitten by mosquitos, snakes and venomous creatures if possible. The cool, clean and clear freshwater flows and laps on my toes as I dip them in. The water washes and swirls around my ankles.

I am alert to the power of water. I can’t just be admiring the smoothness, the colors and the perching arch of rocky promontories. Boulders are stacked and scattered and I need to be conscious of sharp protrusions where I can be cut, where I may fall.

I cannot just revel in the beauty of the entire scene around me, underfoot, behind me, above me. I am cautious, I consider my choices of where to step, each footprint forward. I keep a keen eagle eye for any and all discrepancies or danger.

That is the balance in nature. Nothing is all good, nor all bad.

There are pearls and jewels laid out for us. Do we pick them up and carry their beauty with us? Or do we walk right on by? Do we even see them? Or are we stepping on them, crushing opportunities?

We are given our six senses for a reason. I want to see these things. Yet, I have the free will to ignore it all.

I choose to own my will power, I choose to align it with nature, Goddess and the flow. I opt to move as effortlessly as possible through my life in peace. 

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