Y4 – Day 254 – Keep up your Gratitude List

Especially during the holidays, when everyone seems to be rushed, busy and stressed, stay true to your gratitude diary. Few people are caroling around you but you can make the Christmas spirit come alive by jotting down in a journal or an app how much you appreciate; big and small things, inner and outer accomplishments, important and seemingly insignificant circumstances, friends and moments.

All you need to do is write a gratitude list. Write 5 things you are grateful for, everyday. It immediately adjusts your perspective. Do it for the next 10 days till Christmas and you won’t believe how quickly it can change your happy meter. You will want to make it a daily habit and continue it into 2017.

It can be about anything.

I am grateful for this new day. It is a blank slate. I can ingest, digest and share love and self care today.

I am grateful I don’t have a “fixed” schedule, per se and can follow my own timetable.

I am grateful for the awesome view from my bed, outside the balcony.

I am grateful for our newer, beachy, whitewashed floors that feel so good on my feet and are so easy to clean.

I am so grateful for my blog my son gifted me (back in Dec 24th of 2011) so I can just write whatever, any way I want to.

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