Y4 – Day 253 – 5 Every Day Home Tasks

Rituals – they keep a body and a mind well.

Here are five home chores to be done intentionally with single minded focus that will keep your mental attitude and house decluttered during the Holidays!

(Adapted from Melissa Michaels’ Love the Home You Have) The bold text are my personal observations.

  1. Make your bed. It sets up the morning and the rest of day. It keeps you from crawling back in and lets your inner self know you are now officially up and out for the day.
  2. Clean off one horizontal surface, any size. It’s the visual that literally releases the chatter in your brain.
  3. Clean frantically any area or thing for 10 minutes clocked.  This increases your endorphins.
  4. At night, clean up the kitchen. You don’t want to wake up to a mess when you get your java. Everyone needs a bedtime ritual and while you are stacking dishes or sweeping, make a cup of hot tea and take your vitamins.
  5. Keep the powder room at the ready. Check and insure its cleanliness and appearance every time you use it. I like to think I can keep at least one tiny room picture perfect and not worry about one more thing.

The premise: simple rituals to make your home presentable for the holidays at a moment’s notice. The outcome: It might spiral into wanting to do even more.

I hope this list helps. It is the least amount of work physically for the biggest payoff mentally.

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