Y4 – Day 216 – Dear HP Journal

I created this for myself and thought you might like to print it out and try it out for yourself. It helps me focus when I am out of focus. Take what works for you and process it and leave the rest for now. It is like mad libs.


Dear Goddess, My intention is to _____________________.

I wish I were more _______________.

Then, act as if _____________daily.

Here is my gratitude list:

I am grateful for my ______ and __________ and ________.

I am most grateful for the________, _________, ________, and ___________.

I am ever so grateful for ______.

From now on, the new_______ is _______ and ______ and _____ and does (this)______ for myself.

I have ____________yet I desire ________. I need ________but I want _________.

I like to _________. I am a _______ and a ________. I love _______.

I want to make sure I make time to __________.

I also need to ______ and be ______ plus ______ everyday.

I am the change in my life and I co-create with Goddess to grow and expand my awareness.



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