Y4 – Day 174 – Surrender

Surrendering, caving in to our feelings and exposing our vulnerabilities is rewarding, relieving and renewing.

Our emotions need to be released in order to process, refill and refit into our new selves.

Letting go and relinquishing, we can finally work our way out of any dark hole we have dug for ourselves.

We fall apart and break so we can have a breakthrough not a break down.

Instead of bandaging over our wounds, we cut to the core of the feeling, the motive drivingĀ the symptoms.

Surrender takes courage, not weakness of will. The more we yield wide open, the more we trust. When we turn overĀ our troubles, we become authentic. And, in the willingness to share, we become whole. In this state, no one can touch us.

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength. -Sigmund Freud

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