Y4 – Day 173 – Writing Questions

How do I write? – One page at a time and in complete silence.

When do I write? – One day at a time.

Where do I write? – Anywhere I’m comfortable or if inspired, I just need a scrap of paper and writing tool or recorder. I also find myself writing in┬ámy bed, at a desk in my office, the dining table, on a lounge chair and sometimes in the car.

Why do I write? – Because I have a unexplainable need to express myself in words and know myself. I write to explore, document, share, record events and for memories’ sake.

What do I write? – Mystery, story, memoir, reviews, musings, blog, articles, poetry, personal essay, fiction, non-fiction, journaling, free write, prompts, letters, emails, thank you’s, gratitudes, yoga lesson plans, dialog, character sketches, descriptive, funny, sad, tragic and dramatic. And so it is.

Who do I write for? – Initially me, but in rewrites, revisions and editing, probably looking to share the human experience.

Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence. – Henry David Thoreau

Bottom Line: I don’t know if I am happy and so I write or if writing makes me happy. Either way, I am happy, I am writing and I am happy writing.

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