Y4 – Day 139 – Relax

Picture taken in San Diego, May 20, 2016IMG_1419

For most people, the next three days will be about remembering fallen loved ones and anonymous souls dead before their time. Don’t get me started on how I feel about war, killing or the military institution. Obviously, as a vegan yogini I am not particularly a fan and never liked confrontation for that matter, since the day I was born. Call me a peacenik. I don’t care. Life is too short and scary enough without adding fatal conflict or crime to the mix.

On another note, it is also a three day weekend off and plenty of people take it as a sign summer is here. In the old days, not so long ago, this meant you could start wearing sandals and white or beige clothing. You were allowed to start bar-b-quing today too and all the men would sharpen their knives. In the commercial society we live in nowadays, it’s about Memorial Day sales and deals.

Some of us will relax, catch up on social media, garden, watch a movie, sports or binge on a Netflix series. Others will fix up their homes, repair broken items or clean their pools for the summer season. Many will shop, clean, cook, play computer games or engage in neighborhood block parties.

I am hoping and believe we will be keeping to ourselves, staying home and seeking serenity.

Relax, lay back and listen to the sound of silence.

” Reflective pauses enhance appreciation and sustain the flow of expression.”

– Shaun McNiff

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