Y4 – Day 140 – Dream Big

One of the best-kept secrets for long-term, sustainable creativity is consistent discipline and sustainable, predictable actions.-Sunni brown

Whatever your vision, appreciate the process.

I remember imagining over and over again what my dream cabin would look and feel like. I had a fire going, I had windows looking out over mountains and snow, I had a shaggy rug in front of the fire, I had low shelves of hundreds of books under the windows and the feeling was warm and toasty, sweet and cozy, soft and dreamy. It was both my romantic getaway and safely tucked away, writing haven.

I wrote about it for years, made a vision board or two using exactly the colors I have now in my treehouse in the woods and magically it all came together in an instant on the day it came up for sale and all the dominoes fell into place without any of my own doing. I knew instantly it was our treehouse. It looked a little different of course but not that far removed from my ideal sanctuary.

“Let this truth go in you as deep as possible: that life is already here, arrived. You are standing on the goal. Don’t ask about the path. – Osho

There are ups and downs during the process of manifestation and there are two things I know, if it is meant to be, it will be and secondly, it never looks like you thought it would or happens when you were hoping it would but it fits perfectly into your scheme of things and timing nonetheless, especially when you look back and connect the dots.

The whole course of engineering your heart’s desire into reality teaches you about staying on track and at the same time letting go. It’s about reflecting on obstacles yet pushing past it to re-evaluate your intention.  It’s about perceiving your failures as benefits and still getting to where you want to go with detours and vistas you had no idea would appear yet are grateful for.

It’s about tapping into the wellsprings of your positive self image, becoming who you are and re-inventing yourself to be the best version of yourself time after time.

The journey takes courage, grit and heart.


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