Y4 – Day 102 – Beauty

I want to live in beauty this year. That’s my theme.

I want to breathe, eat, see, be and smell, feel and create BEAUTY.

I seek validation and deeper connection to my spirit and to whatever are the powers that be.

Instead of saying I am overwhelmed, I affirm:

I am invigorated by the tasks ahead.

I see everything around me in a fresh new light and perspective.

I see challenges as opportunities.

Here’s a little Purple Rain-

I believe the Universe guides me throughout the day.

This I know – we all want to better ourselves and our lives.

Some look within and some look without. Some take responsibility for their own actions and some would rather remain victims of circumstance.

Every survival, rags to riches and coming of age story is about taking your own inventory and then finding a solution by taking action, finding solution or failing and trying again and again.

I am dedicated to being the best version of myself. Sometimes, I fail miserably and I know it. Sometimes, I could have, should have done better and someone lets me in on that piece of info. Instead of taking it like criticism or personally, I could take it like feedback. But at first, it usually stings and then I get over myself and realize it was helpful.

Just when I think I am feeling kind of down in the dumps, an incident will occur or a reminder to self happens and I realize how beautiful LIFE is!

RIP Prince. 🙁

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