Y4 – Day 103 – Remodel Insight

In a sort of slow hum way, this blog keeps me honest.

The evolution of self: you molt, unravel truths and unfold anew. Meanwhile, you shed old skin, stale ideas and narrow perspectives, making new and wiser choices.

It is clear – it is an inside job – even if all you superficially see is the transformed person, already changed.

Last year was a time of loss, grief, retrospection, taking stock and creating new beginnings, new habits, new priorities and committing to a new understanding of self.

Letting my ego get out of the way allowed me to really focus on what is right here, right now, needing my attention. My home needed maintenance, love, care and fresh life. My home reflects how I am feeling and doing. And to a certain extent, who I am, what I like and how much I love myself.

The greatest insight was loving myself enough to know I am worthy of all that I have been blessed with, acknowledging all that I have accomplished and envisioning all I can still do or be.

I invested in re-inventing, re-decorating, re-purposing, re-evaluating and re-designing our space to fit our needs. And, as a result, I renewed, re-habilitated and re-invigorated myself.

I cleaned house literally and figuratively.

Assess, delete, define, add and edit it.

Five steps to decorating. Five steps to writing. Five steps to transformation.


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