Y3 – Day 343 – Painting

So I have been bitten by the whole chalk painting bug that is going around, apparently.

With my old love of repurposing and renewing, I have dived into my long lost love of crafts. For a time I was big on scrapbooking and I have much invested in stamping and card making, as well. I also made my own paper after visiting a craft fair in Palm Springs, way back when.

When the kids were younger, I painted, sponged, mod podged and stenciled wooden signs and furniture for their rooms and such.

I started a business teaching cooking, making and selling soaps and lotions and for the last 5 years, yoga. I dabbled in metaphysics and I still clear spaces for people.

I raisedĀ our children andĀ volunteered at their schools. I became a master gardener and answered the hotline.

I am currently tutoring Spanish for a friend’s daughter and I am in the midst of this remodel.

My love of reading and writing is still very strong but I have only published a few articles here and there for free throughout the years. Of course, this is almost the end of my 3rd year blogging, if that counts.

It’s time to back track and paint again!


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