Y3 – Day 342 – Plan 2016

Here is a fill in the blank I created in order for you to start thinking before New Year’s.

This year, I want to________.

I want to do it because _______.

I need to first _______.

I want it to _____ and _____ and _____.

I am a _____. I am a ______. I am the ________.

I have always liked ______. Maybe I could _________.

I love _______ and how _________ to others.

Why haven’t I _______?¬†Am I full of ____ or _____?

I am grateful for _______ and (list as much as you want).

I believe _____. That is why I ______. I let others ______.

I thought I would never ______ or always ______ but I ________.

I respect _____.

What did you learn?

One thought on “Y3 – Day 342 – Plan 2016

  1. I love it! Perfect plan for the New Year!!
    Actually quantifying one’s current situation, obstacles, and goals and desires …
    If we don’t identify these things, we can go on forever about really digging deeper and asking ourselves how life could be better.

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