Y3 – Day 344 – What I am Reading Now

At the top of my list and research are three books that would only attract persons with the love of chalk painting or the whole French Country/Farm look.

Quick and Easy Paint Transformations, Creating the French Look and Color Recipes for Painted Furniture  – All by Annie Sloan, the much beloved English designer and creator of Chalk Paint.

I am also reading an Isabel Allende book I borrowed from J but is somewhere under plastic in the middle of a room upstairs because I didn’t realize this was going to turn into a massive, lengthy relocation and I have had to purchase the above books and take some off my shelf from downstairs.

What I took from my library and am reading again is Alexandra Stoddard’s, Open Your Eyes. Although this book was written in 1998, it has a wealth of classic and timeless design formulas, tips and strategic solutions for the home decorator. Plus, she writes like a dream. I own other books written by her but none as eloquent as this one.  Alexandra was privileged to live in a wealthy community in Connecticut, travel abroad with a rich aunt at a tender age, studied art and eventually became known all over the East Coast as the interior designer to hire. She has graced mansions, embassies, cottages, lofts and studios for her clients throughout the years. She also is a sought after speaker on the art of living. She has great wisdom and common sense from her background and her passion for the great philosophers. Her books are infused with quotes from Socrates to Joseph Campbell, poets and artists of all mileu.

“By visualizing ideal scenarios of how you want to use your space at different times of day, you can see the logic of placement more clearly. Then you can intelligently approach the setting up of the different areas of your home life, achieving both greater fluidity and order.” She promises. And then, she proceeds to show you how and why this is true, historically, intuitively or academically.

Another of her quotes speaks directly to me: “Never let your desire for order and neatness blind you to seeing the wonder and beauty around you.” I guarantee anyone with a creative bone in their body, is a little messy.

The other book I am divulging and indulging in is Goddesses Never Age, the latest installment by Christiane Northrup, MD. I am just getting into this one and I bought it after seeing her on PBS not too long ago. It is about using positive images, words and movement to age with quality and grace. It is the perfect prescription for honoring, acknowledging and validating the goddess within me right now.

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