Y3 – Day 345 – Ego

I am always letting ego get in the way. Seldom do I let ego go. But that’s exactly when time, space and just being flows, when I let ego take a break. That’s what they mean by “Get out of your own way” and “check and leave your ego at the door.”

How is the true artiste or authentic self supposed to bubble up if the ego says, “What will others think?” or “You’re too old for that.” or “You should be paid for it.”

My spirit says, “Let me channel through you.” and “It’s never too late.” and “Do it because you love it.”

My disciplined yet loving self says, “Eat healthy, clean and think before you eat and be grateful and purposeful.” It wants the best for me and has good intentions.

The ego only cares about instant pleasure and doesn’t really care about me or the big picture. It says, “Go ahead – you deserve it because_____.” It tricks me. It’s motives are suspect.

Is it my ego or highest self that wants this or that?

It is valiant to honestly consider who is living me.


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