Y3 – Day 309 – Sunday Vegan Blitz

I have been prepping and cooking all morning.

In between, I have been catching up on taped shows and the news.

Also, I have been practicing my painting whitewashing technique on an old table. If it turns out any good, then who knows?

Today, so far, I put together vegan parmesan, cashew cream, baked mac and cheez and vegan burgers. I ate soooooo much I could just burst! Yesterday, I even had the audacity of partaking in two, not one, berry cheesecakes topped with fresh raspberries. I didn’t expect my husband to come home with vegan treats from a drive, but lo and behold, I didn’t let it last long.

The recipes today were culled from my new favorite vegan cookbook I picked up at the vegan fair called, Eat Like You Give a Damn – Recipes for the new Ethical Vegan by Michelle Schwegmann and Josh Hooten whom I met. They are the founders of Herbivore Clothing in Portland and have been vegan since 1999 and they have easy recipes, helpful tips and entertaining stories to introduce each recipe. The book holds more than 100 recipes and tons of photographs they took themselves.¬†Of course, I tweaked their recipes and it’s even encouraged.

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