Y3 – Day 308 – Progress on ReDo

I have been covering up our French doors with shades and drapes for years because of moisture that got trapped between the double panes which destroyed the whole point of having them. They look into our covered patio that looks over our expansive yard and I have missed the view. Finally, my friend suggested just getting new glass, not just whole new doors! And so, the glass man came and measured, quoted me a decent price and next week we will have new (no panes in the middle like a graph that might obstruct the landscape) low E, double paned and insulated windows installed on our dining room French doors! Of course the only drawback to this is: Now I have to keep the patio swept and dusted at all times!!

The stair man came and next is the quote for new banisters, skirt, spindles and post. We need to do this before the stairs get new flooring. I am dreaming of grey washed oak grain and decorative iron.

By the way, you must know what you like and want because these installers have no clue who you are and what your vision is, they haven’t lived in your house for more than an hour and cannot dream creatively or outside the box like you can. I bring this up because it is a trend I am noticing and I was especially taken aback by the stair man’s taste. Most are not artistes, designers or visionaries, they are contractors.

Our new AC/Heating unit was installed yesterday and it took three guys all day. Literally from 10am-8:30pm they were here. They took just one break around dinner time because they had to hit Home Depot. So now, our bathroom finally has a register, our side of the house (where we live and sleep mostly) has its own ducting, we own an LED thermostat and we have a modern (read-more efficient) AC/Heating system.

Our order for our block out, honeycomb, remote controlled blinds for our Master Bedroom is in with our local Budget Blinds and I chose Mushroom Linen as the color. It is a neutral greige/sandy color. I believe it will go with everything. Our Levelor Silhouettes were gorgeous but alas, they have been ruined by the sun, worn by use, do not have block out so I had to add drapes and Lavender is just not what we are going for anymore.

I suppose I should be adding before and after pictures, duh.

Our look is turning into contemporary cottage/French country/modern glam if that’s a thing.

This weekend hopefully will prove fruitful. I would like to declutter some more, go window shopping with the love of my life so we are on the same page when the time comes and make a few vegan dishes to last me the week.

Have a great weekend, Y’all!

Oh – and we got rid of a dead pittosporum (variety Victoria Box) tree that had been here since I imagine 1958 when the house was built and were planted all along the perimeter of our lot – and added four bushes that will fill in quickly, supposedly.

The picture below illustrates the ugly mess of redoing anything and the hole where the tree once was.


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