Y3 – Day 310 – Beet/Mushroom Burgers

Roasted Beet Burgers from Michelle and Josh’s book (see yesterday) was ten times more delicious than I expected. But next time, I will add 1 tablespoon of flax mixed into 3 tablespoons of water (basically a vegan “egg”) so the mixture doesn’t fall apart. Some patties were fine but about 1/3 of them crumbled upon transporting them onto a platter.

Basically, beets are roasted, combined with mushrooms, onion, garlic, olive oil, tamari and thyme and then baked together till crispy. Then, in a food processor, add brown rice, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper to the roasted veggies and whir together. Form patties and cook in a skillet. I love that Michelle always reminds that a cast iron pan is ideal. Can’t wait to try cornbread. For the full and detailed recipe, email me.

IMG_0082Beet Mixture spread on a parchment lined baking sheet


Roasted Beet/Mushroom/Rice mixture after being food processed.


Ten Patties waiting for oil sprayed cast iron pan to heat up.

Weekends are a great time to whip up new and favorite recipes to have on hand for the rest of the week.

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