Y3 – Day 312 – Spinach Pesto

IMG_0040I procured this cute wall art for my Berkeley vegan but I thought it apropos to post since I have been sharing photos and recipes for two days and today I will divulge the secret to Spinach Pesto, also from Michelle’s book (see Sunday’s post).

Pulsing garlic, fresh baby spinach, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, salt, olive oil and walnuts is all you need to do to have a quick green sauce that would marry well with tomatoes, pasta and vegan parmesan or atop a pizza crust or even on some lemon seitan or tofu. This item would make a great hostess gift for the holidays all dolled up in a short mason jar wrapped with raffia and a homemade label. Just remember to refrigerate.

Again, if you would like specific amounts, e-mail or contact me.

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