Y3 – Day 19 – Meditation is a Gift to Self

The joy of simple understanding and the knowing I receive from meditating on a daily basis, whether walking, sitting or contemplating a star or flame, is a gift I give to myself.

The freedom and release I bathe in, after repeating a mantra over and over, letting my thoughts pass by via clouds, balloons or bubbles or even following my involuntary breath, is pure satisfaction.

The quantum leap from feeling like a zero to believing I am a precious gem is due in part to my practice. I am loved and cocooned in my own aura. I can change my perception and attitude during the day, because I come back to a realization I found previously in the expanse of my consciousness, during a prior meditative session, perhaps even earlier that week.

My best, authentic self strives to be born. My raw and human failings are turned to lessons as I connect the dots to where I am now, which is exactly where I am supposed to be.

And I accrue all this alchemy, from just a few minutes of my time a day, one day at a time. Yet I endeavor to carry the consciousness with me all day, every day.

I learn discipline. I learn detachment. I learn to nurture and I learn to observe. I learn to balance and I learn to accept.

Solitary moments help me interact with others while joining, observing and relating with others and my surroundings, allows me to be with self.

My goals, decisions and passions become one. I get to lead a centered, devoted and fulfilling existence, when I am in the meditation zone.

Do I remember that when I am on the brink of an emotional breakdown? That is exactly when I need to scurry back to the mat. And then I ask myself, “How dare you leave?” Yes, how dare I leave the awareness and meaning of my very life?

I am beckoned to return to mindfulness or suffer and perish via my own projected experiences I believe I am having.


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