Y3 – Day 130 – Clear Credence

Truth is one: angels call it by different names – Rig Veda

There are many paths to the Divine Source, that vast consciousness of energy. – Cecilia

I frequently tell a story of a man I once knew who worked in secret for the government. He wore a gold chain with a gold Buddah, a gold cross and a gold Star of David. I thought it was excessive and contradictory. When I asked him why he wore three different systems of faith around his neck, he answered. ” I want to cover all of my bases.”

I later found out he was involved in extremely dangerous covert operations and must have seriously needed all the help he could get.

I don’t care what theological viewpoint you have or if you even have any at all. The tenets, value and ethos of doing no harm and helping others needs no religion or belief system.

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