Y3 – Day 131 – The 3 R’s

Resentment, remorse and regret.

After grieving, after saying something I wish I hadn’t even thought of, after gossiping or hurting someone’s feelings, I tend to get into the 3 R’s.

I resent myself or apply the anger towards another.

I am ashamed.

I wish I could take it back.

I need to remind myself, I am only human and have a multitude of flaws. Can I still accept and love myself unconditionally like I would another? Can I forgive myself for my transgressions? Can I move beyond the self-flagellation?

I also realize, if I cannot let myself be human and have self compassion then what can I possibly expect from others? Mutilation and being nailed to a cross? And how am I supposed to live amongst other imperfect beings if I cannot accept my own mistakes?

When I observe my behavior and witness myself in a less than glowing light, I judge harshly. This is a good time to ask for guidance and direction. This is a great moment for humility and retrospection. This is a perfect opportunity for divine intervention.

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