Y3 – Day 129 – Happy Mother’s Day 2015

Although this is a sad day for those who have lost their mom, I do want to celebrate Moms in general.

When I first became a mom, there was an unspoken kinship with all other moms. No one ever tells you half the stuff you go through in pregnancy, delivery (no matter which way) and raising children. There is no book yet that has come out and let women know how their body changes in ways too graphic for this blog. But if you have been through it, you probably suspect a few of things I am not mentioning.

As Bette Davis famously said in All About Eve, ” Strap on your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Once you are a mom, you are always a mom.

It takes a lot of guts, maturation, humility and mistakes to raise human beings to become the next generation of society. It takes everyone you know because it takes a lot of encouragement, stamina, help and support too.

We are all descendants of mothers, families, fathers who have survived thousands of years so far. By sacrifice, learning and experimentation, we have evolved.

To all moms, here and gone, mommys to be and mothers right now in the trenches of raising underage children – Happy Mother’s Day! We are lucky and blessed.

Thank you to my husband!!



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