Y3 – Day 128 – As I Sit

As I sit and meditate, I find joy in the smallest of events around me.

The drops of melted snow off the roof splashing loudly on the ground, the dog next to me on the couch, the sound of chirping birds around and at the feeder, the delicious organic Reese’s PB sliver of a candy bar I just popped into my mouth, the sound of car tires on wet roads, the ambiance of our treehouse, the fire in the hearth, the ticking of our clock, the breeze swaying pine needles, the air – fresh and clean and the feeling of contentedness that radiates from me as I contemplate this moment and take it in.

Ahhhhhh….to be in the mountains, high atop the hill, just being.

Pure bliss or as they say in Sanskrit “Ananda”.

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