Y2 – Day 351 – Two Weeks

In two weeks, Year two of this “experiment” of writing every day (even if it is just one sentence) by midnight of that day will come to a close. I have since expanded recently, engaging in social media. If you want to follow me on Pinterest, Twitter or FaceBook, all you have to do is press Follow at the top of the website (Thank you, you know who). If you want to share a post, the same buttons are on the left side of the post. You may also print out any given, interesting blog (like lists of affirmations or recipes or inspirational thoughts) – also, located on the left side, right under the red P for Pinterest. You can email anything you want by clicking on the envelope, under the bluebird/Twitter icon. Conveniently, you can search for anything as always in the two search boxes at the top right and to the right, above Recent Posts.

Every year, I write a letter to myself that I open the following year, on Dec. 9th. In this letter, I describe what has occurred and all the great events that have taken place in my family that year. Then, I write to the Universe and my superconscious self, all the wonderful things that have happened or accomplishments my family and I have achieved, with gratitude, as if they are a done deal and have already taken place.

Crazily enough, a lot of it comes true, the following year. Maybe it doesn’t look exactly the way I thought it would but eventually, it happens, even if sometimes, I have to wait a few years. I wrote about and visualized the treehouse way before we saw it. That’s probably why when it became true, it all happened so fast. It was kinda overdue. I just had to wait for the right time, right situation, right cabin to be up for sale and right chain of events to coincide.

I could describe some more fascinating coincidences of my own or you could just try it yourself. Write yourself a letter, seal it and place it where you will find it exactly one year later.

Think big, think fabulous and don’t hesitate to send your most treasured and private wishes out into the Cosmos.

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