Y2 – Day 352 – The Four Best Poses for Rest

There are 4 Restorative yoga poses that I would suggest for this Holiday season. It will not only calm you but also open you up, helping you flow through the next few weeks with more joy.

Every one knows about Savasna or corpse pose where you just lie on the mat with your eyes closed. While you are there, place an eye pillow (hopefully one of mine with organic lavender flowers and flax seeds – email me if you want one) on your forehead, covering your eyes if that is comfortable. Place a rolled up blanket under your knees to release your lower back which allows you to stay in the position for a longer period of time. Perhaps a pillow under your head will create the relaxing experience it is meant to be. Allow your arms to fall out to the side, by your body, with palms up. In this mudra (hand posture) you receive. Let your feet fall out to the sides of the mat, splaying out, about hip distance apart. Move your jaw around and side to side and relax your mouth, lips parted. Breathe into the belly deeply, inhaling through the nose and releasing from the mouth. Make the length of the exhale twice as long as the inhale to activate your parasympathetic nervous system automatically. Your physical body responds to your breath. Your entire being benefits.

EXTRAS: Play some chime, tibetan bowls or spa music. Light a candle or incense. Rub some lavender oil on your wrists and the tip of your nose. Place crystals on dedicated chakra areas.

Stay in this posture for at least ten minutes and ideally, 20-30 minutes for maximum benefit. Make sure you do this at least once a week. Being in this space and place every day will change your world.

Tomorrow, another mellow pose for you.

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