Y2 – Day 350 – J’s Dinner Tonight

Foodies just love to talk spice, trade recipes and incite appetites.

I get a lot of photo or text updates from J, especially when she’s at the farmer’s market or the grocery store and wants me to know about something on sale or special or in season.

J calls cooking her therapy and lives to make special dishes. Tonight, I got her entire creative menu she prepared and served with finesse for her empty nest table.

I will post the photos of a few items.

Tomato salad with lemon avocado oil and elderberry balsamic vinegar dressing. IMG_3485

Israeli couscous with raw almonds, blood orange olive oil and lemon and according to chef J, the kitchen sink (aka;lots of goodies like olives).IMG_3483

Shirataki noodles with vegan crumble, kale and shaved brussel sprouts with chili paste and fish sauce.IMG_3481

Marinated Halibut, grilled and served with homemade Chef J fresh organic mint pesto. Check out her presentation for a typical Tuesday night at home.IMG_3486

And for dessert! No sugar added ice cream with crushed up no sugar added cookies with a sprig of mint and blueberries. Looks like there are some almonds, pepitas and raisins in there too. YUM!IMG_3487

This meal is thoroughly inspired. Thank you J. She had no idea it would end up being a blog post, (don’t worry, I ask first) but I bet it tasted even better than it looks.

If you have something you would like me to share on this post, don’t be shy and let me know.



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