Y2 – Day 349 – Three Big Deals




These are my Three Big Deals. They always have been. All the answers are really within me and they have always been there.

Some people unlock or unleash parts of me like buried treasure and other times they may have the key or a word that helps me to connect some dots about Universal Truths or the past for me.

I need to always be observant and listening – there are clues everywhere.

I am trustworthy and I tend to give others several chances but it is difficult to earn it back once you have lost that trust. Because I love and trust myself now, I may forgive (so I can move on) but I might not forget (although I tend to let a lot slide by).

I work and have always worked on an emotional, vibrational and intuitive level. The trick is to include logical and intellectual knowledge. That would equal wisdom. If I could have that kind of combination of levels of understanding on several or many topics, I would be a Sage. But alas, I am a work in progress and some days are clearer or smoother than others.

It is absolutely fascinating to me that I have allowed belief in myself and my abilities, goodness or truths to be squashed or disrespected over and over, especially since that is the very thing that builds up our self-confidence – our belief and respect of self.

By loving myself, all these issues all become clearer. I started with Love, from there I began to trust myself and this has led to more self-respect and a return to loving of self. A complete circle.

I suppose it doesn’t quite matter where you begin. As long as the search is on.

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