Y2 – Day 348 – Crystal Show

Just came back from a crystal show and party. Loved all the rooms filled with thousands of crystals, rocks and minerals all classified and categorized, organized by their correct and best Feng Shui placement. Truly an unique experience. The entire house was vibrating. I left very uplifted.IMG_3472 This was what a group of us called – the grounding room. It is located in the northeast corner of the home, the display was powerfully repelling and reversing any strong negative forces. It contained many specimens of black tourmaline, obsidian and smoky quartz. All three protect you.

IMG_3473This piece called my name so I took a picture of it to manifest it. The owner made sure I took it home. “Deal of the Century,” he called it.


Lighted agate and salt lamps, agate and all manner of stone were displayed in this section of the house.

Crystals are timeless and have rich historical energy. They are legendary.

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