Y2 – Day 324 – 3 more codes of spiritualism

First – I want to say we remember veterans all over the world. In our efforts to move towards peace – please join the global peace movement – tonight on 11/11 at 7:11 pm pacific coast time and light a candle, a lighter, a flashlight or your phone and stand outside in the dark, look up to the sky and know there are thousands of bright lights like you, wanting the same thing – no more veterans of war to mourn.

Four – Courage – fitness of mind and the will to face extreme difficulty, mental or moral strength to withstand fear.

Five – Integrity – the quality or state of being complete or undivided, soundness.

Six – Willingness – prompt to act or respond, accepted and done or choosing to do without reluctance.

Courage comes from the French word Coeur or heart. Courage does not mean without fear – it means doing something even in the face of it. Going ahead and acting out fearlessly without fear might be a bit robotic or even foolish. Scared to death and still acting couragesly is real heroism.  Courage to overcome an addiction, a loss, grief, depression, a betrayal or facing a harsh truth, is a slow burn, not a snap decision.  It is a continuous, constant and continuous sort of bravery you struggle within yourself. 

Integrity is having the intention and follow through to say or do something honorable even when no one is looking. It is knowing your truth and sticking to it, no matter what.

There is nothing without willingness.  If you are not willing to be honest, have faith or attain any of the 12 spiritual principles, then stop reading. Willingness is the open enthusiasm we need in order to begin our transcendtal journey.


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