Y2 – Day 323 – 12 Spiritual Principles

A long time ago, maybe a decade, I read something on a wall up in the mountains and was so impressed by it, I wrote it down.  After going through some paperwork, I found this wise counsel written on sticky notes inside a notebook. Basically, it is 12 words with their definitions, yet each word is a law of spirituality. I would like to share them with you, three at a time, in order to fully digest the significance of each principle.

One – Honesty –  fairness and straight forwardness of conduct, adherence to facts.

Two – Hope – to expect with desire, something on which yearnings are centered.

Three – Faith – complete confidence, belief and trust.

And so I ponder, there is nothing without honest appraisal of our actions and in respect to our relationships. Without honesty, your truth, there is no authenticity.

Hope is part of survival.  Without hope, we might as well crumble and who hasn’t?  But with hope, all things are possible.

Having faith in something, whatever form it takes, builds on itself. Skepticism is the opposite and leads to a cynical view of everything.  I have faith the sun will rise in the morning and it will set in the evening.  Sometimes you just have to start small.

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