Y2 – Day 325 – The Next Three

Seven – Humility – not proud or haughty, not arrogant or assertive, a clear and concise understanding of what we are, followed by a sincere desire to become what we can be.

Eight – Love – Unselfish concern that freely accepts another in loyalty and seeks the other’s  best and highest good, to hold dear.

Nine – Discipline – Training that corrects, molds or perfects the mental faculties or moral character, to bring under control, to train or develop by instruction.

We all have talents that we explore and then gift to others. The humility for me lies in the acknowledgement of our abilities, the refining of them and in the surety that they were bestowed upon us as our purpose.  There is a saying, “attraction not promotion.” Humility does not mean poo-pahing our power, but rather knowing they are endowments given to us and that we have respected enough to research, fine tune and then use to help others. 

Love is unconditional and has no need for a definition.  But love does take on many different guises such as forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.  Love makes us whole and it is always the place to come back to. Love is our truth and also never needs defending or promotion. It just is and it is everywhere if you look.

Disciplining your mind, body and spirit is a balancing act. Occasionally, I am 100% with my food choices but haven’t really focused on my workouts – or, I am meditating every day but feel too spiritual too bother to go walking. Structure, direction and reminders keep me on the straight, steady course.  That is why every enlightened being has had mentors (sometimes for each) to be accountable to.

Tomorrow: The Final Three

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