Y2 – Day 326 – The Final Three

Although these are the final three of the twelve, they are not any less necessary or important.

Ten – Patience/Perserverance – Steadfast despite opposition, difficulty or adversity, able and willing to bear, to persist and to pursue an undertaking in spite of counter influences.

Eleven – Awareness – alive and alert, vigilance in observing.

Twelve РService Рa helpful act, contribution to the welfare of others, useful labor that does not produce a tangible commodity

There’s a certain composure, poise or aplomb in patience. It is knowing everything is going to be just as it is supposed to be, in its right time. People who stay the course or preserve are patient because they also know the end result will eventually become reality, they are just not sure when or how many hurdles have to be jumped.
The ability to observe, discern and notice every nuance of your body, outer world, nature, others and inner world brings you to a state of awakening. Being aware of your surroundings, feelings and moments is enlightening.
Service is what it is all about. What need of gifts and talents would you have if someone else didn’t need to receive them? Generosity of your time, attention, resources and information is a reward onto itself.

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