Y2 – Day 196 – Letter

A Letter to You

Fill everyone’s heart with precious joy and beautiful laughter.  Touch everyone you meet with your innocent and wide smile.  Blossom.

Times change and changes take time but some things are always the same. Spread your wings and flap them in anticipation of your flight.  Tests will challenge you to explore, experiment, share and enhance your qualities of character.

Make new friends, keep and treat old ones well.  They are the glue and the fountain of encouragement; support and camaraderie that help us grow.

Treat everyone the same.  Leave no one out.  Friends enrich your life, but look out for signposts, strangers and acquaintances that can motivate you to move forward and upward, as well.  It is often the forgotten, eccentric or passerby that will enlighten you as they cross your path.

Learn new subjects and apply all values and ethics you have been innately instilled with to the fullest.

Be devoted to your passion.  Be grateful.  Feel compassion.  Have a conscience.

Each moment, each day and every relationship is a Holy one, in the now.  See the Sacred in the mundane.

Breathe in the awareness. Observe the beauty all around and allow it to profoundly touch your soul. Appreciate nature, stars and all animals.  Be a child of wonder.

Be thankful for this wild ride, this discovery journey, your personal spiritual path, and this first class education in the story of your life.

Await the future chapters with the same expectancy and desire as when you read a novel you cannot put down.


your inner, highest self

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.” – Luciano de Crescento

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