Y2 – Day 197 – And So It Is

And so it is

Any misperception of others is first – a misperception of ourselves.

I am grateful for the awareness and the reminders that this is so.  I need to remember – I am just here to help – not fix, not control, not add more fuel to the fire and certainly not to live someone else’s life.

It is very simple; I just choose to respond, act or think anew.  When I have fallen, failed or forgotten –  I choose again.

With empty hands and an open mind, I remove the blocks to my teachings.  I forget about everything in meditation and find the stillness of my mind so peace can reign.

When I am resistant, resentful or full of ego – that’s the time to let everything go and RELAX, Breathe and Be Still.  No but’s about it.  I must drop control, expectations and allow obstacles to just fall away.  Only then will I :

1. Be Ready to Listen

2. Be Willing to Learn and

3. Be Able to Do.

True empathy does not mean I join in the suffering nor should that be expected of me.  True empathy means I stand by you when you are suffering. I help you walk through it, not replace it or carry it.

When we have a sense of lack instead of abundance, we don’t grow.  When we have a victim mentality or abandonment issues, we cannot grow. We build 1000 reasons, relationships and invest in 1000 ways into material goods and yet none of it makes us content.

But with a sense and knowing of love and who we really are we do not require special treatment, instead, we grow automatically.

The light is always shining on us.  Don’t block or distort it.  When you let the Love in, you will witness miracles to the right and left of you.  You will listen to, follow and expand your heart.  No human, animal or thing can be your boss because Love will rule.  And, Love is content, not form.  Forms separate and bind you.  Forms are behaviors, techniques and anything external to the Mind.  Like appearances or how you want to look to others, how you want others to look, etc.  Comparisons, disguises, fantasies and judgments all hide, confuse and obscure our brilliance.

The content or significance of Love is freedom.

Are you governed by the ego or Love?  Good question in any given situation.  Am I acting out of Fear or Love?

Let us keep it simple.

And so it is.

Don’t Settle for less of yourself – Be the Light!

“It is funny about life:
 if you refuse to accept anything but the very best
 you will very often get it.” – 
W. Somerset Maugham

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