The day got off to a shaky start due to my own misery making and character flaws.  Then I made proper amends (taking full responsibility and no excuses, no taking of hostages, etc…) and moved on.  By then it was 8am. Geez!!! When will I ever learn to pause before spouting out the first thing in my head? I guess that’s why they call it practice.

I had a date with my yogini mentor/friend/goddess, Dana.  We were supposed to go to San Diego to meet up with a medical intuitive and that fell through on the other end kinda last minute.  So she whisked me off to LA instead and I had no idea where we were going.  Everytime we get together we just spill, ask, validate, etc…She can go deep and wide  – love that!!

To my amazement there are incredible neighborhoods in LA.  Until we got to the gate I did not know where we were headed.  I teared up as I read the sign and she spoke into the intercom to let us in. It said Peace Awareness Labyrinth Gardens.  OMG!!!  The theme this week was conscious awareness.  Coinquidink? I think not.  They say that a coincidence is just  God  remaining anonymous.  Kind of a God wink or a God shot.

We enter a grand older Beauxes Arts Mansion behind iron gates.  This place was once a home for a wealthy Italian family.  They owned a very large vineyard in Riverside.  Their home is detailed in fine hand-carved woods and expensive marbles and accessories.  There is a wonderful modern kitchen and dining area where seminary students that live on the property get to enjoy.

And then there’s the gardens.  But before that – we walked the Chatres – based labyrinth.  Dana taught me what to do and we both meditated and went within.  All my questions were answered and thoughts were cataloged and I felt clear and knowing.  I felt a peace that is indescribable and a joy that was serene and steady.

After a quick tour of the estate, we then went off to a surprise lunch spot.  And as if Dana knew – she took me to Cafe Gratitude – a place that is divine dining. I always wanted to go to the one in Berkeley and have their un-cook book.    It is a vegan hipster kinda place.  We sat outside and had a scrumptious carrot/ginger soup and then I had a raw pizza. Raw desserts is what got me into being a raw foodist a few years back (not any longer) in the first place so we left with some sweet raw goodies in tow for the road back.

Then back in OC we stopped at a new (2 months old) raw juice bar and fresh food cafe.   I had a gingerbread smoothie and we ordered some salads to go for dinner later, after sampling.

What a wonderful day it turned out to be.  I learned lots of lessons and I felt blessed all day.  I used to let one good screw-up ruin my day, but I have learned to own my mistakes and then get myself back into the flow, get back into gratitude and abundance, letting the Universe unfold before me and not taking control of the wheel with my ego and small self at the helm.

Affirmation: I graciously allow the Universe to support and guide me today in all that I do for the highest good for all.

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