how has cultivating your awareness been going?

Pictures of the Arrowhead Ladies this weekend.

Another wonderful moment at Curves in Arrowhead, Thank you to Rose, for being open and willing and closing up the room. I hope your first time was good.  Also to Katie and Katie and Katherine, Guylene(master herbalist) and Candy, sweet and precious owner of this space.  And Val of course as well for being there and making sure I was correctly working the machines.

Cultivating awareness Together. Congratulations to Katie for eating her first raisin ever!! with such attention, curiosity and intent.

Truly, this is yet another fine group of women I consider goddesses.  I am blessed to encounter so many fine souls along The Journey.

ALL the people I meet and all the yogis I guide through yoga practice enhance my awareness if I am paying attention with mindfulness.

Everyone of you teach me and touch me in some way – and for that -I am grateful and filled with joyful presence.


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