Year 6 – Day one – AND…. I am back

Somewhere in April of 2019 I hit the wall. I must have needed the break and a year later we had it. Covid locked us all down. Three years have elapsed. Almost to the day. And, I realize I don’t need an MFA to write and to be fair, writing has changed. So has the operation of this website, so please bear with me.

Much occurred and many changes became the norm. You and I operate differently now.

In the air, grief, remains. Our lives and perspectives irrevocably morphed into distance learning and socializing. That has to leave a scar. I most empathize with whomever suffered, those mourning and the students who had their entire little lives shackeled.

There was division and fear and terror. It still lingers. It’s in the back of our heads and we have seen the traitorous in ourselves. The mirror doesn’t lie if you look with the lens of truth. And everyone seems to have their own true facts according to whom they listen to.

On the upside, some folks have found our time in a global pandemic an opportunity to delve into the spiritual, transform into their authentic selves and become more discerning. Those are my peeps.

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