Y5 – Day 73 – Kindness

From up coming book:

“Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.” – Theodore Isaac Rubin

At a diminutive yet spiritually charged Unity Church bookstore I picked up a slight, rose-colored publication titled, A Short Course in Kindness by Margot Silk Forrest. Its subtitle described my opinion on life – “a little book on the importance of love and the relative unimportance of just about everything else.”

A collection of wind chimes hung by the door and along the open windows. They tinkled, clanged and pealed. I stood inside the tiny shop, perusing the paperback. A breeze and another patron walked in. I turned the pages to skim its contents. I pondered. Once again, I was reminded that the foundation of the great teachers, sermons, philosophies and core religious principles were the same. Identical in intention, varied in message, Love was, and is – the answer, the purpose and the journey.

Of course, I bought the now treasured, small work and have often gifted it to others. There are many such newly discovered reads where I find jewels of sage advice.

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