Y5 – Day 54 – Acceptance Lessons – last page

I flow with life and I am full of grace.

THINK ACTION: Do you sense you live in a quagmire of difficulties or disputes? Have you ever tried on the other person’s proverbial shoes? How does that alter the scenery? Or your stance? Do you think acceptance, is giving in? Think about a grievance you are presently having. Do you have an urge or need to fight it? Because it is dangerous? Or does it just need re-framing? If your point of view is challenged, how do you respond? Can you live with contradictory opinions? Now, imagine coming from the knowledge you are loved beyond time and space. Hold this love inside your bones as it expands your heart. Do you enjoy more compassion in this state? How could this premise of living in unconditional love be useful? Could this awareness turn your life around?


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