Y5 – Day 50 – Acceptance Lessons

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June 5 – Acceptance Lessons

“It is not God’s will merely that we should be happy, but that we should make ourselves happy.”  – Immanuel Kant

The answer to our problems arise from a spiritual or psychic change in perspective. When I first realized I had a problem with alcohol, I just wanted to moderate. When I couldn’t sustain that – I tried to abstain by using self-help books, online groups and white knuckling. And, finally when all else failed and I was desperate, I walked into the rooms of recovery. I not only admitted out loud to strangers I was an alcoholic with tears welling in my eyes, I accepted I had hit bottom and this was the last option left to me. Gratefully, a door of hope was open and welcoming. No amount of human urging could have made me come to the conclusion I was finished with drinking. I truly believe it was divine intervention and a miracle I went for help. Acceptance needs to be our response to baffling, complex disturbances. We can unravel, untangle, seek results and discover an explanation once we accept the evidence. If we remain offended, repulsed or unsatisfied with a concern or argument, we stay stuck in the condition. Instead of wasting time invested in anger, we could resolve our trials with the mere acceptance of reality. If I had stayed in denial, I wouldn’t be sober today, writing this book.

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