Y5 – Day 192 – Discernment

Discerning what works and doesn’t work for you is crucial.

Less grumbling, complaining, criticizing and judging versus gratitude, seeing the lesson and the positive is healthy.

If you have fear, what’s motivating it? What drives you to anger? Deep and insightful self-inquiry is a form of discernment.

By being open, kind and giving with the love that wells up in us, dwelling in the soft part of our hearts, we become approachable, lovable and hopeful. That is the paradox. Hardened, hurt and bitter people do not want to appear vulnerable but it is that very same generosity and humility of spirit that attracts others to us.

Feeling ashamed for your sweet sentiments, thoughts or nature, you slowly dim your light. Of course, make sure you are discerning of whom and where you are before.

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