Y5 – Day 191 – Health

Intelligent Eating + Exercise = Health

And what does intelligent, smart or correct eating mean?

For me, I choose organic, vegan foods. If I was always on my game, all my foods would be whole. I like to eat processed vegan foods so I am not always so conscious. I know for me, I just can’t have sugar, wheat or peanut butter. They are triggers and lead me into the black hole of bingeing.

There are some obvious unhealthy choices like fries that could be considered treats. If you can have just one, then it has no power over you. I am not one of those people. So, it’s smart for me to know what my triggers are and then to stay away from them. Just one bite and I am off and running.

Exercise can mean a walk around the block, one hour on the elliptical or a game of tennis. Everyone needs to determine their start point and build upon it.

Whatever works for you WILL work for you but getting your head around it first and then planning it is best. You have to feel ready and balanced to begin or refresh your regimen. Or, you have to be fed up. If you feel sick and tired of being sick and tired, you must not give up. Just take it one step, one meal and one day at a time.

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