Y5 – Day 185 – Death as Cathartic

Every great poet, artist, writer, dancer, musician, expressionist and philosopher has their obsession with death. Not only is it cathartic, but it is also our inevitable fate. As my late mother-in-law lay terminal, she assured me, no one gets out alive. Perhaps it is not morbid. Let’s view it with a different lens. Exploring our feelings and fears around death, including our own seems mature and more like a holistic approach. Certainly, it is the final letting go.

Our ultimate destination may or may not be the end of our consciousness. Your belief system determines how you grapple with dying. In fact, religions like to comfort you by putting the idea of your demise into a little, tidy, cozy box for you.

But creative types like to venture outside the box, rebel against the norm and explore.

The END helps me prioritize, discern how I schedule my time, deepen my quiet questioning, experience nature, relate to others, excites me about being alive, take self-care seriously and intend to BE love and compassion.

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