Y4 – Day – 94 – FitBit

Today is the day I am supposedly off the grid and completely unplugged so I thought I would write ahead of time to post this little tidbit about my FitBit.

According to my trendy new bracelet that everyone wears now (although I have different colors and patterned ones), I get about four and one half hours of sleep on an average. Some days more, some less, but I believe it to be true. I lay there for anywhere from seven to eight hours but apparently I only sleep for a little over one half of that time.

What a waste! I mean seriously? I could be writing, cleaning floors, creating recipes and/or taking a walk!!

My fitbit also likes to exaggerate. I couldn’t possibly be walking as many steps it says I take. I would be pin thin. And, does it take into account mountain air is harder to breathe? Does it realize how many stairs people in two story homes/offices take?

I used to use map my walk and that was a great app but I have since deleted it because I get such a charge from seeing how little I sleep and how much I can still move forward.


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